Using Marijuana for Treating Anxiety

As even more states legislate cannabis, both for medical as well as entertainment usage, an increasing number of people are counting on marijuana in hopes of handling stress and anxiety or generalized anxiety condition (GAD). Although scientific research study around is still sparse, there are anecdotal as well as new clinical records of marijuana creating a soothing experience that briefly eases symptoms of anxiousness for lots of people.

Cannabis as Self-Medication

Anytime you take it upon yourself to make use of a material to deal with or cope with a clinical problem or symptom, it is referred to as self-medicating. Commonly, self-medicating creates an immediate alleviation of the uncomfortable symptoms, thereby reinforcing its usage.

The issue with self-medication is that although using marijuana is coming to be more appropriate, not enough is found out about the effectiveness of the medicine for specific medical conditions in addition to its lasting consequences.

Prospective Benefits and Threats


May decrease depression in the short term

May eliminate stress and anxiety temporarily

May decrease stress


Higher levels of psychological problems

Can produce psychological reliance

Long-lasting memory loss may happen

Symptoms might boost

May create marijuana hyperemesis disorder

Can develop boosted tolerance and requirement


The scientific community has lately started examining the result of marijuana on anxiousness, as well as the judgment is that temporary advantages do exist.

Researchers at Washington State College published a study in the Journal of Affective Problems that discovered that smoking cigarettes marijuana can substantially lower self-reported levels of anxiety, anxiety, and also stress and anxiety in the short term. However, repeated usage does not seem to cause any long-lasting reduction of symptoms and also in some individuals might increase depression in time.


Cannabis can influence your body in several ways past just getting you high. The high feeling you might experience after cigarette smoking or ingesting cannabis is due to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound that offers cannabis its psychoactive results.

The effects of THC do not come without threats, as well as long-lasting or regular usage has been associated several possible adverse effects.

Higher Degrees of Psychological Disorders

It is possible that individuals that use marijuana for an extended amount of time have greater levels and signs of depression, in spite of any kind of enhancements they may have seen in this regard with temporary usage.

Some study has actually also shown that heavy use marijuana in teenage years (especially in teenage girls) can be a predictor of clinical depression and stress and anxiety in the future in an individual’s life. Specific susceptible individuals are also in jeopardy for the growth of psychosis with using marijuana.

Mental Reliance

The central problem with using marijuana as an anxiousness coping device is that it can create an emotional dependence on the compound.

Since the effects of cannabis are rapid acting, long-lasting behavior-based coping techniques may appear less useful at first and might be much less likely to be developed.

Long-Term Memory Loss

Numerous researches have actually located that long-term marijuana use can create amnesia. Memory impairment takes place due to the fact that THC changes among the areas of the brain, the hippocampus, in charge of memory development. It additionally can have negative repercussions on the brain’s inspiration system.

Rise in Signs and symptoms

THC can raise your heart price, which, if you have anxiety, might make you feel much more nervous. Utilizing way too much cannabis can also make you feel scared or paranoid.

Sometimes, marijuana can also generate orthostatic hypotension, an unexpected decrease in blood pressure when standing, which can trigger faintness or feeling pale. Marijuana can also trigger feelings of dizziness, nausea, confusion, and obscured vision, which can contribute to anxiety.

Cannabis Hyperemesis Disorder

An uncommon effect of frequent marijuana use, particularly with today’s even more powerful stress, is marijuana hyperemesis disorder (CHS). This entails cyclical nausea as well as throwing up.

This is paradoxical and also can be difficult to detect, as cannabis has actually been utilized to reduce queasiness as well as throwing up in cancer treatment. Sufferers occasionally find alleviation in warm bathrooms and also showers, but inevitably, abstinence from marijuana is necessary for long-term enhancement.

Rising Requirement

You can create a tolerance to marijuana. This means that the extra you utilize it, the a lot more you will eventually require to obtain the same “high” as earlier experiences.

Alternatives to Cannabis

Keep in mind that some level of anxiousness is normal as well as even valuable when you are confronted with something that really feels endangering to you. Nonetheless, when really feeling anxious becomes pervasive as well as challenging to regulate, it is time to look for specialist help to talk about other forms of stress and anxiety monitoring.


Proactive coping methods, learned through therapy, support system, as well as self-help publications as well as educational sites, can develop lasting modification without the negative elements of extended marijuana use.

Cognitive behavior modification (CBT) and also various other kinds of treatment can aid you identify the underlying reason for your anxiousness and also manage it more effectively. Deal with your doctor to create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Collaborating with a psychotherapist to manage your anxiety will certainly give you a much better handle on your problem in the future.


Making use of specific prescription drugs such as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have actually been strongly established as risk-free and also efficient treatment for stress and anxiety problems.

Prescription drug is also more effective to marijuana considering that the long-term threats have been better studied and are potentially much less significant contrasted to long-lasting cannabis usage. Some anti-anxiety medications are taken daily, while others are taken episodically during periods of extreme anxiety or a panic attack.

A psychoanalyst or your health care doctor can prescribe you an anti-anxiety drug, should you require one.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

CBD oil, a cannabis extract that is often distributed under the tongue with a dropper, does not include THC, so it won’t give you the same mind-altering results as marijuana. There is some beginning proof to recommend that CBD could be useful in the treatment of anxiousness and addiction, however much more professional tests as well as research are needed in this field.

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