Advantages Provided by Plumbing Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are commonplace in the plumbing industry. They are used by plumbers to join smaller flow diameter pipes and tubes together, but that isn’t the only thing that compression fittings can be used for.

Check out the guide below to find out everything you could need to know about compression fittings. In the end, it may even help you decide what kind of fit you need for an upcoming project. Read on to find out more.

What are Compression Fittings For?

The first question is, “What are plumbing compression fittings used for?” As the name might imply, they are used by professional plumbers to join two tubes or pipes together. While that might sound a bit simplistic, there is actually a lot more to it than meets the eye.

They can be used for installing gas or hydraulic equipment and even DIY projects like installing shower unit pipes, sinks, and more. There are even compression fittings that can be applied to certain thermometer types in order to get a more accurate reading. These small metal fittings might seem simple when you look at them but they can fit a wide array of uses and purposes.

Airtight Seal

There are plenty of reasons to use compression fittings. Perhaps the most important thing that it offers is an airtight seal. In the world of plumbing, that is a must given the fact that most of the connectors involved are transferring water or air. Any leak can wind up being catastrophic if not properly dealt with in a timely manner.

Compression fittings bring male and female connectors together to create a perfectly airtight seal. Water and air will remain in the tube rather than escaping through even small gaps. Given pressure concerns that come with pipes and tubes, anything less could lead to degradation or destruction of the tube itself.


There is a reason that compression fittings are made from metals like brass or copper. They are meant to hold up over the long term, providing both physical stability and the ability to hold up against erosion that can come from frequent exposure to moisture and air. Without that stability, these fittings would need to be replaced often, which is impractical for plenty of reasons.

Compression fittings are very durable and sturdy despite their relatively small size. When joined together with another connector, the stability improves even further and creates a bond that is virtually unbreakable. Even better, the threaded construction makes it simple to join them together with just a few quick twists.

Heat-Free Connection

There are plenty of things, especially in the plumbing industry, that require heat. Whether soldering or welding, heat is used to melt metal and join two components together. While doing so can create a nearly unbreakable bond, it is also a major pain. That’s not even mentioning the potential dangers of burning yourself on the superhot tool or liquid metal.

The beautiful thing about compression fittings is that they require no heat to bring together. Because of the threads on each end, they come together quickly and easily. You will probably need a wrench to tighten them effectively but that is far more convenient than having to solder or weld those two pieces together.

On top of all that, compression fittings are also very affordable. They can be bought in bulk at any time, great for use when projects come up. There are plenty of benefits to using compression fittings for plumbing projects, both professionally and personally. If you have never used a compression fitting before, the benefits will become apparent quickly.

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