The Best Psoriasis Creams for Managing Symptoms: A Comprehensive Guide

Many millions of people around the world suffer from the chronic autoimmune disease psoriasis. The skin develops thick, scaly areas as a result of the skin cells’ fast cell division. There are numerous therapies available to help manage the symptoms of psoriasis, despite the fact that there is no known cure. Topical creams are one of the most popular psoriasis treatments. The best psoriasis creams for treating symptoms of psoriasis will be covered in this post.

Subjective Steroids

One of the most popular and efficient ways of treatment for psoriasis is the use of topical steroids. They function by lessening psoriasis’ typical symptoms of itching, redness, and inflammation. Topical steroids come in a variety of strengths, and the one chosen will depend on how serious the problem is. For psoriasis, several well-liked topical steroid creams are Betnovate, Diprosone, and Elocon.

Carbon Tar

For many years, psoriasis has been treated with coal tar, a coal byproduct. It works by lowering inflammation and slowing the proliferation of skin cells. There are several strengths of coal tar creams; the stronger ones are more potent but also more prone to have negative side effects. Psoriderm and Tegrin are two prominent coal tar lotions for psoriasis.

Acid Salicylate

A frequent component of several over-the-counter psoriasis creams is salicylic acid. It functions by assisting in the removal of skin scales, which helps lessen itchiness and inflammation. Salicylic acid creams can assist to eliminate the scales from the hair follicles, making them particularly helpful for psoriasis on the scalp. Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo and Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Skin Therapy are two well-known brands of salicylic acid creams for psoriasis.


A vitamin D derivative called calcipotriol is frequently used to treat psoriasis. It works by lowering inflammation and slowing the proliferation of skin cells. Creams containing calcipotriol are especially helpful for treating psoriasis on the face and flexures because they are less prone to have negative side effects. Daivobet and Dovonex are two prominent calcipotriol lotions for psoriasis.


Any psoriasis treatment plan must include moisturisers. These can aid in reducing the dryness, itching, and redness that are all frequent psoriasis symptoms. Popular psoriasis moisturisers include Eucerin Original Healing Cream and Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoration Moisturizer.

In conclusion, psoriasis creams are a useful tool for treating the signs and symptoms of the condition. There are numerous varieties of creams available, each with special advantages and disadvantages. It’s crucial to take your condition’s severity, any underlying medical issues you could have, and any cream side effects into account when selecting a psoriasis cream. Psoriasis can be properly managed with the right care, enabling those who have it to live a comfortable and healthy life.

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