Lapsang Souchong: A Black Tea That Emerges From Fire

Earl Grey. Morning meal tea. Keemun, Darjeeling, as well as Assam. Black tea has been around for centuries and also many tea enthusiasts know with these popular names. Black teas are dark in color as well as are usually identified by an earthy or baked taste. For lots of tea enthusiasts, it’s difficult to tell the difference in between black teas. Enter Lapsang Souchong: the Chinese tea that some refer to as the liquor of the tea globe. It flaunts tips of whiskey, tobacco, as well as campfire smoke. It’s a totally various take on black tea. Lapsang Souchong elevates the tea alcohol consumption experience with nontraditional flavors in a centuries old tea.

What Is Lapsang Souchong Tea?

Lapsang Souchong tea hails from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian province of China. It is often called ‘smoked tea’ and also Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong in Chinese. Teas from the Wuyi Hill area belong to the Bohea tea family members. It is one of the earliest black teas in the world. Some tea professionals believe Lapsang Souchong is older than Keemun black tea from China. Just a select few tea estates in the Fujian province generate this tea. It is created by hand in a procedure that was shrouded in secrecy for centuries.


Many Chinese black teas are created via a procedure of withering, pan-firing, rolling, and oxidation. Lapsang Souchong is unique because fallen leaves are dried not by withering, however by smoking cigarettes. The unusual production technique to make Lapsang Souchong has actually been given via generations.

According to Chinese tale, this tea was found by accident during the Qing Dynasty. The major gamers were an army of soldiers as well as a tea manufacturing facility snuggled in the looming Wuyi Hills. The soldiers needed somewhere to stay as they passed through the tea town so they invested the night in areas at the tea manufacturing facility. The unforeseen arrival of their visitors created the tea masters to fall back in production. To capture up, they developed ache fires to speed up the tea manufacturing procedure. The included rush caused a great smoky tea that is precious by tea drinkers worldwide.

Today, Lapsang Souchong tea is created precisely as it was thousands of years earlier. Leaves are initial collected from the Camellia sinensis tea bush, usually 2 or 3 layers down from the flower buds. These tea leaves are coarser and have fewer fragrant notes than leaves closer to the bud. The pine smoke roasting procedure also makes it possible for tea farmers to create a scrumptious tea from leaves that would otherwise go unused.

The fresh leaves are after that put in a bamboo basket called a hōnglóng over a cypress or ache wood fire to perish. The leaves are after that positioned in barrels where they additionally create smoky flavors. To finish the oxidation procedure, the black tea leaves are again put in flat bamboo baskets and also baked over the great smoky ache fires. The process causes a completed tea that is thick and black in shade.

Aroma as well as Taste

Chemical compounds in the want fire smoke cause the great smoky taste of Lapsang Souchong. These substances include longifolene and a-terpineol, which are not found in any kind of other tea selections. Using pinewood fires results in a smoky fragrance with a lightly evaporating coating.

Lapsang Souchong is a light bodied tea with a stimulating, piney fragrance. If you delight in warm, roasted flavors with notes of want, this tea is the excellent addition to your tea collection. Its flavor account includes hints of pine material, smoked paprika, and peated bourbon. Lapsang Souchong is best consumed throughout chilly months as it imparts a cozy and also positive tea drinking experience. This tea likewise sets well with dishes as well as is complementary to broiled meats.

How to Brew Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Action 1: Prepare Tea Leaves

Start by selecting excellent quality tea leaves. Loosened fallen leave tea is the most effective choice as it includes entire tea leaves as well as boasts better health and wellness benefits. Tea bags include broken leaves, fannings, and dust that alter flavor profiles. Our Lapsang Souchong loose tea is composed completely of excellent quality natural and great smoky tea leaves. Usage regarding 5 grams of Lapsang Souchong leaves for every 8 ounces of water.

Step 2: Boil Water

Lapsang Souchong is best made making use of boiling water. Always utilize filtered or spring water for the very best flavor results. Avoid faucet water and distilled water for tea brewing as these types protect against the full growth of tastes. Set a temperature controlled tea pot to 212 F or boil water on the stovetop in a frying pan or tea kettle. As quickly as the water reaches a moving boil, pour right into your mug. Take in Lapsang Souchong making use of a routine tea cup or a typical gaiwan.

Step 3: Steep Tea Leaves

We advise soaking the tea leaves for 1 to 5 mins. After the first min, taste the tea every 30 secs until you find your favored flavor. As a whole, 2.5 minutes is the sweet area for Lapsang Souchong. Longer brewing times will lead to even more bitter and also strong blends. Shorter brewing times use much less taste and also balance in between the natural notes and great smoky essence of this variety.

Tip 4: Flavor (Optional).

Typically Lapsang Souchong is consumed as-is. If favored, include a slice of lemon or a dashboard of honey or vanilla to boost the great smoky taste profile.

Smoky and also Smooth.

Lapsang Souchong is an excellent selection if you’re looking for a black tea that’s bolder than standard English morning meal or Earl Grey teas, though it can be an obtained taste for numerous tea enthusiasts. This tea is best matched to individuals that enjoy vibrant tastes. From the minute you open up the bag, this smoky tea conjures up memories of summer season campfires and also wintertime evenings by the wood oven. Add boiling water and also the amber alcohol begins to attract your detects. From the first whiff to the last sip of the down-to-earth tastes, Lapsang Souchong is straight fire.

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