The Ultimate Guide To White Peony Tea: Brewing, Flavor Profile, & More

White peony tea is a Chinese white tea that is grown in Zhenghe and Fuding. It is referred to as bai mu dan or pai mu tan. While comparable to the famous Silver Needle white tea additionally referred to as Baihao Yinzhen– which is made solely from young tea buds– white peony tea is used two young leaves as well as one young tea bud. The tea gets its name from the way the tea leaves blossom as they are infused in water. The leaves unfurl naturally, imitating the look of white peony flowers. It is widely taken into consideration the 2nd highest-quality white tea. Discover extra about white peony tea including various types as well as farming n methods right below.

Flavor Account Of White Peony Tea

Like most white teas, Bai Mu Dan tea has a moderate taste account with mellow tasting notes. This Chinese tea flaunts a fruity taste, smooth body, as well as a more powerful side that provides a flavor extra comparable to mild green teas. White peony white tea has a wonderful preference that can be blended with lemon, MCT oil, and honey to play up the natural tasting notes.


White peony tea is a real tea, implying it is grown from truth tea plant called Camellia sinensis. This tea plant is likewise made use of to make environment-friendly tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, and black tea. The white tea leaves feature fragile white hairs that lend a fruity aroma as well as fresh body to the tea.

White peony tea is generally harvested in early spring and is a non-oxidized tea. The finest quality white peony teas are gathered by hand by specialist tea pickers. The tea employees pick only the youngest buds and also both youngest leaves on the very same shoot of the tea plant. The harvesting process requires a great deal of skill and also finesse to maintain the honesty of the tea leaves. The leaves need to be gently gotten rid of in order to avoid them from damaging, which can set off the oxidation procedure.

The tea leaves go through a withering procedure the exact same day as harvesting to prevent oxidation. The fallen leaves are spread out on huge bamboo mats and also stocked direct sunlight. The fallen leaves might dry for anywhere between one and also three days. Some producers then bake the white tea entrusts to finish the drying procedure and then package the leaves for sale.

Just How to Make White Peony Tea

To brew the very best white peony tea, we recommend making use of loose fallen leave tea as opposed to tea bags. Loose teas often tend to be higher quality as well as supply better flavor as well as health benefits compared to the crushed items located in tea bags. Try to find organic white tea that does not include additives or chemicals for the most genuine flavor.

Beginning by warming your teacup and also teapot by filling them with hot water and also swirling vigorously. Discard the water.

Use 1 teaspoon of natural white peony tea leaves for every single 8 ounces of water.

Include the tea delegates a tea infuser and also location it in your teacup.

Heat water between 165 and 175 levels Fahrenheit. Greater water temperature levels will certainly destroy the delicate flavor of white peony tea so do not brew with boiling water.

Add the hot water to your teacup and also steep the tea leaves for 2 to 3 mins. The longer the steep time, the more powerful the flavors will become.

Eliminate the tea leaves and alloted. Sweeten as desired and enjoy.

You can obtain 3 to 5 infusions from each mixture of white peony leaves. Enhance the soaking time by regarding 30 seconds for each infusion.

Seeking Fresh Fruity and Nutty Tastes? Try White Peony Tea!

White peony tea is a beautiful white tea that is grown in the heart of China. Called one of the earliest tea-growing areas in the world, this tea is steeped in old background as well as supplies a fresh flavor that can’t be defeated. Choose from two various kinds of white peony tea whether you want nutty notes for fruity and flower taste. Whichever is your favorite, you make certain to enjoy loosening up with a mug of white peony tea.

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