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Collagen, one of the foundation of healthy skin (along with hair, nails and bones), plays a crucial function in creating plump, healthy and balanced and also flexible skin. However like all good ideas, it does pertain to an end, and as we age– from our mid-twenties onwards– the body discovers it harder to create, which motivates a loss of flexibility, firmness and also luster. “We can not stop [the loss of collagen], however we can reduce it down,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr Benji Dhillon. Yes, using vitamin C and also SPF is essential, but professionals now agree that taking a collagen supplement can assist, too.

Is collagen worth taking?

In other words, yes. Taken daily, scientific tests have actually shown a collagen supplement has the capability to decrease the body’s breaking down of its very own collagen. In fact, the aquatic collagen in Beauty Pie’s Collagen Super Powder reduced it by a substantial 31 percent. “With daily consumption at an effective dosage, you can expect to see plumper and a lot more dewy-looking skin,” says Kay Ali, main nutritional expert at Beauty Pie. It can additionally advertise hyaluronic acid manufacturing thanks to an “ability to stimulate HAS2 receptors in the dermis”, which implies skin will additionally look more hydrated. The older we get, the higher our collagen depletion, which suggests supplements are an exceptional idea after 40.

For a long period of time though, the jury was out, and some skin specialists remain unsure by their effectiveness. However it seems that in the last number of years, as even more ingenious formulas have actually appeared, several agree that they deserve taking, and also not just for skin, however, for hair and nails as well. That stated, not all are made equal: “I am a large follower in the drink choices available, like Skinade,” claims Dr. Dhillon. “The brand has a fair amount of clinical research demonstrating terrific results, which is why I count on it. In a great deal of cases with various other items, eating collagen simply indicates the collagen obtains broken down by the body’s digestive system processes.”

Which form of collagen is most efficient?

” A collagen supplement supplies different kinds of collagen protein when taken daily, in either a powder, gel, drink, pill or tablet computer style,” discusses Ali. “While 28 different types have been determined, kind one collagen is most generally found in skin, bone, teeth, tendons, tendons, vascular band and also body organs. It’s commonly drawn out from marine, porcine or bovine resources.”

Just how to select a collagen supplement?

Ali is keen to point out that a lot of the collagen supplements on the market do not give anywhere near the quantity of collagen required to decrease its malfunction in the body: “10 grams is the ordinary amount required,” she states, pointing out that it is very important to acquire hydrolysed collagen solutions, as these can be soaked up efficiently by our digestion systems and also can reach where they require to be.

Vida Glow Original Natural Marine Collagen Supplement

Made with turned on collagen peptides, Vida Radiance’s formulas can be blended right into your beverage or added onto food. And also, they come in easy-to-use sachets.

Important Healthy Proteins Collagen Peptides

Jennifer Aniston credit ratings this bioavailable collagen formula for her next-level radiance. Add to basket, right away.

Dosage & Carbon Monoxide Pure Collagen

This powder includes collagen types one as well as 3– from bioavailable bovine collagen– as well as is devoid of sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Solgar Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex Tablet Computers

Thanks to a patented active ingredient called BioCell Collagen II, these pills have been scientifically shown to increase collagen and also soften fine lines. They additionally include vitamin C as well as hyaluronic acid for firm and also plump skin.

Bare Biology Skinful Collagen Powder

Using collagen from hydrolysed wild codfish skin (which is ethically sourced), Bare Biology’s Skinful supplement is additionally fantastic added to soups, stews and other foods, since its peptides can withstand high heat.

Charm Pie Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides

Yummy as they come, this berry-infused flavour integrates hydrolysed marine collagen with biotin and vitamin C for an item that really functions.

The Appeal Cook Collagen Inner Appeal Boost

” Antioxidant-rich components are important in aiding to fight collagen-damaging cost-free radicals, and to secure our skin from premature aging,” says Carla Oates, creator of the brand name. “The Collagen Inner Elegance Increase is abundant in antioxidants like acai, papaya, goji berry and blueberry, along with zinc as well as vitamin C to help collagen synthesis.”


With consumer tests mirroring raised hydration as well as gleam, minimized great lines and wrinkles, plus much healthier looking hair as well as nails, take Skinade’s (150ml) bottle daily in half a glass of cold water.

Ancient + Brave Real Collagen

This Ancient & Brave powder, which has hydrolysed collagen peptides, can be combined in a smoothie mix or sprinkled onto yoghurt.

Outright Collagen Marine Fluid Collagen Drink

This beverage includes marine collagen and also is likewise formulated with vitamin C, which assists increase the body’s ability to absorb claimed collagen.

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