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To alleviate your acquisition of the best tablet cutter for little tablets; our review as well as contrast team has actually undergone the pertinent research publications. We supply the advantages of each tablet cutter one by one beginning with # 1– # 5.

# 1. The Equadose Pill Splitter– Finest Tablet Cutter for Little Pills


Our leading placed tablet cutter for tiny pills is based upon previous study searching for medical examinations (CSN Drugs, 2012) mentioning that tablet cutters like these save you cash generally expense per dosage of medication by half. Saving cash is wonderful, yet our research study supports the declaration that tablet splitters like the one connected are fantastic for your tiny tablets.

The Advantages:

The best tablet cutter features some outstanding benefits. Our review team discovered in our comparisons with similarly-priced products, that this Equadose tablet splitter appeared ahead. The evaluation group leader informed me that it really felt sturdy in her hands. Even putting it up against the ezy dosage pill cutter, this Equadose cutter did a better task of reducing little tablet computers and also pills.

While the ezy dosage pill cutter stopped working on the smaller end of tablets and crushed some tablets rather than cutting them easily, the Equadose’s tough frame had tidy cuts for the day our evaluation group invested contrasting the two. The only thing we located concerning this pill splitter was that it is not created for uncompressed powder capsules. Nonetheless, lots of people never intend to reduce or split pills with uncompressed powder inside of them, so that shouldn’t be a concern. We extremely advise this Equadose tablet splitter for you.


Much better than the ezy dose tablet cutter we tested it against

Tough frame

The best pill cutter for tiny rounded tablets

Cuts extremely cleanly


Not for uncompressed powder pills

# 2. Numerous Tablet Splitter– Expert Pill Cutter


According to our research study on the very best pill cutter for little tablets (CSN Drugs, 2012) wellness organizations and also currently several consumers are utilizing pill splitting products to lower prescription costs. This suggests that having a pill splitter similar to this one will certainly conserve you money, as you don’t need to waste as much medicine dosage.

The Perks:

This is a multiple pill splitter through and through. Our review team really felt that this tablet cutter was much faster to cut pills with when contrasted to the apex luxurious tablet splitter we examined it versus. This indicates that you do not need to spend as much time splitting or reducing your little pills. You can use this downtime to better arrange your medication and make certain that you are taking the proper amount of dose in order to keep you risk-free with this 4 method pill cutter.

We appreciate advising firms that are USA-based, and this is one of the reasons we rated this tablet cutter so high up on our listing. Reports we have actually discovered state regularly that its building has lasted numerous years.

This means that you can be cutting pills on a daily basis, and the speed of the little pill splitting will be as fast as it was the initial day you bought it. You can have the satisfaction to promptly and also securely gauge your dosage; keeping you risk-free and on time. One disadvantage is it will work somewhat much less with smaller sized resistances. However, if you work with typical resistances, we recommend this item for acquisition.


USA Firm

Extremely quickly to utilize

Durable building and construction


Does not function the very best with smaller sized resistances

# 3. Equadose Pill Cutter v2– Automatic Pill Splitter


The Equadose Tablet Cutter 20 (version 2.0) is on our list as a result of a couple of reasons. Our research study (CSN Drugs, 2012) provides us the reality that pill splitters minimize the average cost per dose of medicine by fifty percent due to the capability of healthcare providers or buyers like on your own to appropriately dose out medication on their own. This particular tablet splitter also has a couple of advantages that make it a solid acquisition according to our study.

The Conveniences:

Also non-scored tablets are automatically centered with this automated pill splitter. This implies that all you have to do is put the pills right into the pill cutter, et cetera is done by the focusing mechanism made by Equadose. This is one of the most effective 1/3 tablet cutter items on the marketplace, as it reduces really cleanly, allowing you to thoroughly choose where you can instantly divide the pill.

This suggests that it is a very accurate pill cutter, permitting you to cut tablets right into 1/3 or quarters. One negative aspect my testimonial team discovered was that there is a blade subjected below the leading part. If you are normally mindful when managing clinical devices, then you will certainly enjoy this product on the listing of the very best tablet splitter for tiny pills.


Automatic pill splitter

Practically the very best pill splitter

Outstanding 1/3 pill cutter


Revealed blade under the leading part

# 4. EqualSplit Pill Splitter– Metal Pill Splitter

According to our research study (CSN Drugs, 2012) health and wellness companies and several buyers are beginning to make use of tablet splitting to reduce prescription prices. Full medication pills are often excessive about the dosage amount, so people waste tablets, as well as consequently cash. Tablet splitters allow you to minimize the cost of your medicine according to our study.

The Advantages:

This steel pill splitter cuts tablets really easily. This indicates that you won’t have any kind of problems with tablets being accidentally crushed. The testimonial team made certain that the majority of the cuts they had with little tablets would certainly end up being accurate, which is a significant advantage for you. Specific cuts mean that you will have a faster time obtaining the proper dose to you or a contractor. An additional advantage is the simplicity of reducing.

Our pill splitters examines go in-depth via our research due to the fact that our testimonial group just required to position the small tablet as well as press the side and also the whole process is done. However, there is a lack of guidelines to get the pill centered instantly. However, if your tablets have score grooves in the middle, this ought to not be much of a concern.


Cuts easily

Exact pill cutter

Research metal frame


Lack of standards

# 5. JohnBee Tablet Splitter– Better than the Peak Deluxe Tablet Splitter

We found that through our research (CSN Drugs, 2012) pill cutters minimize the conventional cost-per-dose of medication (tablets) by 50%. Conserving cash is a superb advantage, however we discovered much more advantages for you.

The Benefits:

Our evaluation team compared this JohnBee tablet splitter with the Peak deluxe splitter. Our evaluation team located that this JohnBee cutter was far better for splitting little tablets. The blade was sharper, so the little tablets were cut easily. Having a sharp blade indicates that it will be easy and also clean cuts for your tablets in the future, so you do not have to maintain acquiring these pill cutters.

The pill splitter holds the little tablets safely to ensure that there is no breaking or squashing of the tiny pills according to our review team. The various other Peak deluxe splitter did not function also, and the blade was clearly duller than this JohnBee pill splitter we’ve evaluated. A disadvantage is that large pills do not have an ideal cut. But, if you are just taking care of smaller-sized tablets, then we highly advise this pill cutter for small pills.


Better than the Apex deluxe sprinter we checked

Sharp blade for better cuts

Holds little pills securely


Except very large pills

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